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this is a test for the “more” feature because i don’t know what i’m doing…Even if there wasn’t outright corruption, state Sen. Peter Merideth told POLITICO earlier this year that even the appearance of corruption was problematic. A legislative report penned by a lawyer for the state Democratic caucus cited “credible allegations” of executive branch interference with the corruption investigation. But the Republican-led investigation fizzled out, and it’s unclear whether the Special Committee on Government Oversight will pick it up next session. [show_more more=”TEXT” less=”TEXT”]

“Where there’s money, there’s people in powerful positions able to steer contracts or granting of licenses in one direction,” Kenneth Warren, a political science professor at Saint Louis University, said of the conflict-of-interest allegations. He cited an “endless” list of groups involved in the medical marijuana program that are connected to the Parson administration.

While Arkansas’ marijuana regulators scored the applications themselves, Missouri regulators hired a third party. In both cases, detractors pointed to scoring irregularities and questioned how “blind” the process really was.[/show_more]